Integrating health security and individual safety is not impossible through LENUS. Packed with useful functions in an elegant design, this integrated anti-virus guard allows seamless security and health checks with minimized contact. LENUS is also space, and manpower efficient.

Versatile Safety & Security

Adapting to the new normal for offices, business establishments and even public places has never been more convenient with LENUS—a single, compact device made for daily security and safety checks.


Try hovering over the device to check features

Thermal Scanner
  • Can scan temperature with a distance of less than 1 meter
  • With a default normal body temperature setting of 35.5 C to 37.5 C
  • Notifies if user has normal temperature, and prompts if temperature is above normal
Face Recognition
  • Facial recognition with or without face mask

  • Voice prompt is customizable (ex: “Welcome”, “Please enter”, “Please wear a mask”, or "Please wash your hands")

  • Can recognize within 1 meter distance

  • Can recognize with a speed of 200-300 ms (with 

    30,000 individual profiles; detection speed will vary depending on the number of stored profiles)

Acrylic Stand
  • Available in counter top (600 mm height) or floor mount (1200 mm height) variations

  • Provided with double sided adhesive for sticker installation and/or stainless screw set with drilling position layout (template)

Alcohol Dispenser
  • Can dispense within 6 cm sensing distance

  • Dispenses 0.5 to 1 CC of alcohol (spray type)

  • Can hold up to 1,000 CC of alcohol (up to 2,000 dispenses before refilling)

  • Material: PC front panel with ABS body


LENUS is integrated with various features in a sleek design. Compared to other separate devices, purchasing LENUS would be a smart move for saving costs and space.

  • Compact design saves space
  • Multifunctional features can save manpower
  • Provides multiple tasks of protection for your safety
  • Offers additional security features for establishments
  • Can be easily installed and equipped in a public or private space.
  • LENUS should be installed in building entrances, particularly in reception areas or establishment’s lobby
  • Upon entry, stay within the sensing distance (less than 1 meter) and situate the face upon the sillhouette for proper recognition1 and temperature checking.
  • Wait for the voice prompt indicating the body temperature and identification2.
  • Once cleared, place hands under the spray nozzle for alcohol to be dispensed.



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